Asida Hotel


PT. KUMARA ASIDA is a service company engaged in the provision of Accommodation and Consumption Rooms, which is usually simply called ASIDA. The name has its own meaning Arso Sayub Ing Donya Akherat or can be explained simply Will or Desire to achieve Peace in the World and hereafter.

Built in stages starting in 1978 on an area of approximately 6,547m2 with a building area of 4,119m2, the rest is a green space in the form of a beautiful garden with a swimming pool and children’s playground. The Asida Hotel officially began operating under the name Limited Liability Company (PT.) Kumara Asida since the Deed of Establishment Number 107 was made on January 25, 1982 before the notary Darma Sanjata Sudagung which was then held by Amendment Deed of the Articles of Association Number 8 on November 3, 2008.

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